Journal entry

An interesting day.

We managed to avoid detection so often of late that I dare say I feel like we are a powerful force. Our people have always been gifted in blending into our own environment but I am not surrounded by our forests anymore and it is very unnerving. I have felt like a sapling out of place for so long I hadn’t even realized it until today. I won’t deny my feelings any longer I enjoy my new found identity. I enjoy my new role in the world as to what it may lead me to I am unsure. I felt guilt father… for being swept up in a rebellion. As I strayed from my original path I realized perhaps this is where I belong. Perhaps in helping my new friends I help our people gain back the alliance we shared with the elves. We shared a wonderful friendship as they took care of our grandfather. I feel like this now with my friends. I feel it is important for us to finally come out of the forest and bond with others who share our interests. We must remain strong or fall as we have here if we remain like we are I feel we may all perish.

I look upon this carving with a stirring in my heart I am very confused father
I am not understanding these feelings. I have asked the others what the action was called. I wanted to know what exactly we shared and Aslatiel called it making love. What is love? I have heard this word a few times. A loved one, they are in love, lovers and loved. What a strange thing I felt pleasure from our exchange and wish to partake in another session. The thing that comes to mind that resemble this exchange could be our seeding ritual but I do not feel the same as I did then. I felt safe, safer than I have felt in a long time. She ended our session and gave me a gift it was a carving of a tree. My mind keeps reflecting on that tree she gave me. It is delicate and also sturdy just as we are. I also left her with a gift. A small rose I grew for her with my life force. It bloomed a vivid and lovely green. The colors fascinated her she only let out a small gasp. Such awe I saw in her eyes that which I have not ever seen before.

We have a long road ahead of us one that I am wanting to see the end of. I want to help everyone here be free of this terror. I want to walk the forests here and hear the singing. Oh, dear sisters, I miss your singing. I hear no songs here only pain and suffering the forests and land are weeping. I almost cannot stand to hear it anymore so much suffering… dscn4233.jpg


weasleydavid evilforgottentears

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