Other Races in the Five Nations

The Five Nations are composed of one nation each of humans, halflings, dwarves, and elves, plus the cosmopolitan Commonwealth trade city. Races that are not humans, halfings, dwarves, and elves are somewhat rare in the Commonwealth, and quite rare elsewhere in the Five Nations.

Gnomes in the Five Nations are often members of the Golden Fellowship, a secretive trade guild that controls several key technologies, including the creation of golems (a rare and tremendously expensive enterprise), the manufacture of certain magical devices, especially storage devices like bags of holding, and the finest locks known to mortals.

Drow are rarely seen in the Five Nations; most of the known Drow tribes are nomads and raiders that live in the Western Steppes. Their land was decimated by the Varraski a generation ago. Rumors of a vast Underdark network under the Five Nations persist, but most do not believe that these caves still exist, and some doubt they ever existed.

Many other races pass through the Five Nations on the Trade Road, and some have stayed in the Commonwealth. A few take a liking to some other part of the Five Nations, and so slowly become part of more isolated communities, but they are usually rare enough that they are identifiable just by their race: e.g. Gorrash, “The Orc in the Barony”; Argent Thalokos, “The Dragonborn in the Mountains”; Stubby Mirkmirror, “That Weird Blue Guy who hangs out with the halflings.”

Other Races in the Five Nations

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