Things to think about

It’s time to think some more about the setting and characters for an on-going Chainbreakers campaign. I’m pretty excited about the hobgoblin-invasion backstory, and I do like the Five Nations setting, but it’s all pretty flexible besides the very basic premise stuff.

If you have a moment to do some reflection or journaling about your character before Saturday, that is great! (But no pressure!) Bonus points if you create a pinterest board or collage for your character (this has actually been a really fruitful brainstorming process for me in the past!) Here are some things that you might think about in preparation for our world-building/ character-building session on Saturday:

-What are some things that you really like (or think you would like) in a D&D campaign?

-What are some things that you really don’t like/ want to avoid in a D&D Campaign?

-Are there parts of my life/personality/experience that I’d like to explore through a character?

-Are there parts of who you are that youd like to play up in a character?

-Are there character traits that really aren’t part of who you are that you’d like to explore in a character?

-What kinds of motivations are interesting to you in characters? Maybe think about characters you find really interesting in movies, books, or tv, and wonder some about why you find them so interesting.

-What stories are staying in your head these days? Or songs, images, moments? Is there anything in those you’d like to use as a character concept, backstory, etc?

-What archetypes from fiction or mythology hook your interest these days? It might be helpful to flip through a tool like a tarot deck and see if any of those images leap out at you.

-What’s loud in your heart these days? Is there anything there you’d like to bring to a character?

If you think it might be helpful, you might consider some online backstory questions, like the ones here.

-Some campaign-specific questions:

-What was your character doing before the invasion? During the invasion? What did your character do before the war?

-One of the premises of Chainbreakers is about exploring the impact of colonialism and tyranny on people. How has the violence and oppression of the recent years impacted your character? What traumas have left their mark on your character? From where do they draw their inspiration for hope, vengeance, or courage to go on?

-Who is the most important person that your character has lost because of the invasion?

-What’s a time when your character saw the invaders do something terrible to crush opposition (if any)?

-What’s a sign that your character has seen of continuing struggles against the Empire?

-Where did your character fit in society before the invasion? After? How do they feel about this change of status?

If you’d like to read way way more about some of my hopes for awesome characters/ d&d groups and how they can affect the rest of our lives in cool ways, here’s a paper I wrote about all this.

Things to think about

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