Varraski Imperial Province Orishtar

Life in Orishtar is short, brutish, and full of angry hobgoblins. Where the peoples of the Five Nations once lived together in relative peace and relative freedom, they now suffer together under the crushing boot of the Varraski Empire.

“Imperial Subjects” (slaves) of the Empire are divided into many castes and roles.

Arcane Casters in Orishtar are among the most favored subjects of the hobgoblin invaders. Wizards, sorcerers, and even warlocks and some bards are valued by the Empire for their usefulness as soldiers, scholars, and architects. These casters are often given the best housing, food, and physical pleasures by their captors in return for their willing help. Those who have shown arcane acumen that haven’t agreed to serve the Empire are quickly put to death or “sent to the trees.”

Divine Casters in Orishtar are not viewed favorably by the hobgoblins. Worship of Gods other than Maglubiyet is strictly controlled, and anyone who exhibits divine magical powers (like those of clerics and paladins) is quickly killed. Monks who follow a religious path are treated with abiding suspicion, but are not immediately killed unless they exhibit supernatural power.

Primal Casters in Orishtar lived on the margins of society even before the invasion. The Druids in the area were used to periodic persecutions from the rulers of various nations, and so they were ready to go to ground when danger arose. Since the invasion, little has been heard from the druids (and some of their ranger allies.) Did they leave for safer forests, or do they still live on the edges of the Province, waiting for the right moment to flee or to strike? Or do they simply maintain their traditional duties, now dodging hobgoblin battle troops rather than human zealots?

Other classes in Orishtar often serve as simple slaves to the various projects of the Varraski Empire. Most humans and dwarves serve in the various mining camps, while other humans, elves, and halflings tend fields and flocks to feed the expanding Varraski Horde. Criminal networks, monastic orders, and guilds have all fallen apart in the years since the invasion.

Varraski Imperial Province Orishtar

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