Father, I am slowly understanding the strange customs that these people partake in. They choose to move so fast in all things it is hard to follow all the time. I feel as though I am just understanding something and then a new concept comes along. I will not lie I do enjoy the challenge but I only wish they would take a moment to truly think ahead rather than impulsively jump at a moments notice.

We met a family a… group of dwarves they work the land and create life. I have named them shepherds. I believe they understand the importance of maintaining the balance needed to keep harmony in the lands. They have two littllings they are named Caleb and Cilla. Both these littlings are very similar in appearance. I am confused by Caleb I once called her their daughter and she grew red. They corrected me and called her boy, as it was explained to me the boy is not a daughter and not a father but in between. Our titles are not the same to them it seems. I have a lot to learn about them and I enjoy the lessons.

We have learned that a handful of the last emissary group survived. They have merged with our groups but of course, their leader remains strong her fire still remains warming her seed. She has the heart of a first mother burning inside her. I will enjoy our rivalry.

These hobgoblins have taken over our grandfather tree… they have violated his body and children and wish to cause further harm to others. He calls to us as do all the lands around us we hear them crying to end the torment. My heart breaks for them and we have wept for their sorrow, we must help them. I can still feel his pain I can feel them all. Father.. What will become of him?

The people here have learned to tame the fierceness of the waters. They use large boats that glide easily along any current. We can learn so much from these people and I believe they could benefit from our wisdom. I shall aid these people and take back what belongs to us. We will not take this insult to our lands and people. We cannot let the hobgoblins torment go on any longer father.

I pray the winds take this to your roots, Mother may you watch over the soil that protects us, father stand ever tall guiding us and shielding us from harm. I am your daughter Hycintha first sister of the clan.


weasleydavid evilforgottentears

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