Journal entry

I was dreaming again. The tree stood on my shoulders and grew into the sky. I could feel the weight but it did not affect me. I walked beside my people in the forest no.. they walked with me. They formed two lines and waited. waited for what? or whom? I do not know. MY path lead me away. Balancing my tree on my shoulders I walked until I was away from my home. Where the fire was… The fire… I could feel its heat licking my face as I continued onward my feet burned as I walked. I could feel the crunch of the earth giving way to my growing weight. Clouds in the burning sky suddenly became dark and cloudy. Giving my scorched skin some rest. The clouds wept and healed me. I felt a cool breeze gently blowing old skin and bark off my ever growing body. Flower petals and maple leaves rained from the sky as my tree opened itself to the rain. My feet could no longer carry me I dropped. My knees sunk into the dirt, my waist, my chest… my …face… I swallowed the earth waiting to be born again.

I woke up with a smile.



weasleydavid evilforgottentears

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