• (HG) Hycintha

    (HG) Hycintha

    The nominal leader of a colony of treefolk, Hycintha has recently arrived in the area to investigate the disappearance of the last expedition.
  • Boris the Green

    Boris the Green

    Raised in a dwarven noble house, Boris works to make lives difficult for the invaders while making a somewhat-honest living.
  • Terramithia "Terra" Barrahain

    Terramithia "Terra" Barrahain

    Once a member of the Elf Queen's Elite Guard, Terra now works with "The Death in the Leaves," a shadowy network of wilderness guerrillas.
  • Aslatiel


    The surviving prince of a tribe of western nomads, Aslatiel has brought his fight against the hobgoblins to a land not-yet destroyed.