The Shadow Council

Jayra Leader of The Restored Guard of Brightfount, a faction of ex-guards and warriors of the Brightfound Barony. She is mostly concerned with finding the missing daughters of the last Baron of Brightfount, around which a human rebellion might gather.

Nestor- A priest of Vodalya Nestor and the other area clerics of Vodalya maintain a network of paths and roads, secret and otherwise. Vodalya is the goddess of Travelers, and she cares for those on the journey.

Snuffin Lamboster Nevelin represents The Golden Fellowship on the Shadow Council.

Captain Halfpenny- Captain Alrica Halfpenny represents the halflings on the Shadow Council. She brings the voice of a growing number of halflings that are intent on leaving the area.

Obliviax Marchesson the Glorious represents the Tower of Glory. But now he’s dead.

The Shadow Council

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